SPI Patented Petro-Plugs®

Easily Installed and Easily Removed

Petro-Plugs® are easy to install. Our 3-inch Petro-Plugs® are designed to simply slide into standard 3-inch pipe drains and our 4-inch Petro-Plugs® fit right into 4-inch pipe drains. Featuring a proprietary twist-and-lock system that provides a watertight seal without any sealants, the Petro-Plug® is also designed for easy removal, allowing temporary unrestricted discharge of uncontaminated water. 
Oil spill containment

SPI Petro Plug Drawings and Applications

The Petro-Plug® was designed for indoor applications with a low flow rate of water. The original Petro-Plugs® were manufactured to fit 3 and 4 inch floor drains. These Petro-Plugs® have a unique Mounting Flange Design. Only the Bottom Mounting Ring is permanently bonded to the outer diameter of the drain with construction adhesive. The Top Mounting Flange, attached to the Petro-Plug® itself, attaches directly to the Bottom Mounting Ring with a proprietary Twist-and-Lock Mechanism. An O-ring between the two flanges makes a water/oil tight seal. The Petro-Plug® can then be removed without tools in an emergency, then re-inserted to again provide complete oil containment protection and water drainage. 

The 3” and 4” Petro-Plugs® are sometimes used in outdoor applications for small containment areas, usually under 200 square feet. In these applications, it is necessary to install a Top Hat Filter as shown in the picture below. The Top Hat Filter cleans the rain water, trapping dirt and debris before it reaches the Petro-Plug®.
The picture above shows the different sized 3” and 4” Petro-Plugs® with lengths of 6, 8 and 10 inches. The picture to the right illustrates the flow rate through a 4” Petro-Plug® with 4” of head pressure at about 5 quarts per minute.
Potential oil spills in floor drains have been a great concern for schools, hospitals and many buildings throughout the Northeastern United States where fuel oil is used as the primary heating source. Petro-Plugs® are made to fit both 3” and 4” floor drains allowing the water from the boiler to drain, while preventing any oil from escaping in the event of a spill. These pictures show the ease of installation of a typical Petro-Plug®.

How Does An SPI Petro Plug® Work?

Petro-Plugs® are disposable oil barriers that are more effective and less expensive than oil/water separators. Designed to fit standard piped floor drains in boiler rooms, garages, warehouses, oil storage areas and underground vaults, the Petro-Plug® removes low levels of diesel, gasoline and oils while allowing water to flow through as usual. Depending on the drain diameter, Petro-Plugs® installed in vertical drains have a flow rate of about 1-3 gallons per minute. Uncontaminated water drains at approximately 5 quarts per minute with standard-sized floor drains.

If an oil spill occurs, the Petro-Plug® seals off completely shutting down any discharge into sewer lines, sump pits, oil/water separators, catch basins, etc., allowing spills to be cleaned up at the source and saving thousands of dollars in cleanup costs and fines.

Petro-Plug Oil Containment
Petro-Plugs® are used for oil containment at this hydroelectric dam

Petro-Plugs® are used for oil containment on the deck of this hydroelectric dam. There are 79 drains that empty into the river below.

An installed Petro-Plug® in a drain. 

A filter mat, which can be replaced when clogged with dirt and debris, is installed above the floss. 
The drains have large sumps that can be cleaned.  
Mounting rings are attached with construction adhesive.  
The Petro-Plugs® will then slide into the opening, twist and lock. The o-ring in the Petro-Plug® provides a seal that prevents any leakage. All water and oil must flow through the Petro-Plug®.

Filter floss is layered above the Petro-Plug® to control dirt, debris and sediment.
The grate is re-placed and the Petro-Plug® is working 24/7 to protect the drain from oil spills.
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