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Clean Up Any Spill With Oil Bond

No matter what size or how much oil has spilled into your water, SPI Oil Bond from Solidification Products International can get the job done. 

A solidification particulate is listed on the EPA's National Contingency Plan (NCP).

Oil Bond® is applied directly to oil on water or solid surfaces. Oil in water is absorbed into the Oil Bond® and rapidly turns into a solid cohesive material that is removable from water.

Other Features of SPI Oil Bond

  • Allows for the safe separation and removal of oil from water
  • Material left behind can be removed easily by hand
  • Leaves water completely contaminant-free
  • Available in 10-pound pails and 40-pound bags

Oil Bond Spill kits

Custom-sized SPI Oil Bond® Spill Kits are available in different sizes. The Spill Kit pictured below comes in a 5-gallon pail and contains three SPI Oil Bond® Booms and five pounds of Oil Bond® which are displayed next to the pail.New Paragraph
Oil bond

Oil Bond Booms Absorb and Solidify Oil on Land or Water

Oil Bond® booms are both absorbent and solidifying. In this picture, the boom on the left is fully absorbed, with more than five times its weight in oil; the boom on the right is unused. Oil Bond® booms are available in different lengths, including 4’ x 2.5” diameter (pictured), 10’ x 2.5”, 10’ x 20’, 6' x 5", 10' x 5" and 20' x 5". Custom sizes are also available.New Paragraph

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