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Efficient Portable Containment Berms

SPI Containment Berms include collapsible, quick-setup straps for interior or exterior use with rigid angle supports that provide wall stability for horizontal drainage.

SPI also offers Lift N’ Lock Wall Support where the wall support is built into the berm. This requires no interior or exterior straps and, thus, eliminates trip hazards. Most SPI Berm Systems utilize a Petro-Pipe® to prevent oil or hydrocarbon release into the environment but their sturdy structure makes them ideal for containment of hazardous wastes. Before use, the berm material should be tested to be sure the hazardous waste does not cause any deterioration of the berm material.

SPI Berms are ideal for decontamination of personnel and equipment where the wash water is contained until it is removed by a vacuum truck.

A few additional examples of SPI’s Portable Containment Berm Applications will show the versatility of these products.
SPI’s Lift N’ Lock Berm is the Cadillac of Portable Containment Berms. All of them are custom made and can be delivered and installed in a very short period of time regardless of the size configuration. As you can see in the sequential photos below, there are no straps inside or out, no trip hazards and the containment walls pop right into place in a matter of seconds.

With SPI Spill Berms and Spill Containment, You Get:

  • Single-piece construction containment products / no parts to lose
  • No assembly required, which helps with compliance and use issues
  • The smallest storage footprint available for all berm products
  • Customized products to meet your specific requirements
  • Unparalleled quality and service

All Berms Are Not Created Equal

  • Heavy-duty aluminum wall supports
  • Interior or exterior strap design
  • Low-profile straps
  • Lightweight
  • Small folded size
  • Benefits
  • Added strength and durability for better oil / chemical spill containment
  • Allows berm to fit tightly against walls
  • No parts assembly
  • Need less vehicle clearance for drive in
  • Wider variety of field uses
  • Easy to store and ship
  • Easy to transport and setup
Portable Containment Liners

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