SPI's Drop-In Liner Systems

SPI offers Pre-Engineered, Labor-Saving Drop-In Liner Systems that fit like a glove!
Please take a look at the pictorial below and you’ll get an idea of how much money and time your company can save.

SPI’s Drop-In Liners are Factory RF-Welded, Sealed Containment Systems with “Point-Source Directed Water Flow.” After a Major Spill, the operators can simply remove the Spent Petro-Pipe® and Install a New Replacement, instead of having to dig up and replace the whole liner system, as with Competitive Systems.
The Containment Area is excavated to the dimensions required to handle the designated quantity of transformer fluid with a distinctive “pitch” in the grade to the NW Corner in this particular installation.
Workmen prepare to lay out the Factory-Made XR5 Containment Liner.
Workers line up the Pre-Installed Flanged Compression Fitting for the Outflow Drain to be located in the NW Corner.
The Containment Liner is starting to take shape over the Transformer Pad.
There are just 3 men on the job for this entire installation.
Notice how snugly the Containment Liner fits over the Transformer Pad. All Liner Seams are RF-Welded at the factory, using no glues or adhesives.
This whole process took less than one hour.
Workmen prepare to install SPI’s Patented Petro-Pipe® designed specifically for Cargill’s Envirotemp FR3 Transformer Fluid.
Petro-Pipe®, Liner and Pre-Filter Basket are bolted together with Stainless Steel Bolts in a matter of minutes.
Now the Outflow Area outside the Containment Liner will be excavated and filled with Crushed Stone to provide outstanding drainage. We are almost finished and this whole process took less than 4 hours.
The Filtration System in the Pre-Filter Basket is designed to keep the Petro-Pipe® from fouling. The Dirt Filtration System is easily accessible thru the top of the Filter Basket allowing for simple maintenance procedures.
Containment Liner is firmly “bolted” to the Transformer Pad using Heavy-Duty Aluminum Batten Strips instead of soluble adhesives and duct tape.
The Containment Area is ready to be trimmed and landscaped. 
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