Actual Transformer Oil Spills

Winter/ 2017

One of SPI’s Custom Made Liner Systems complete with our Patented Petro-Pipes for drainage, successfully sequestered a 200 Gallon Transformer Oil Spill in Upper Idaho at a Major HydroElectric Power Generation Plant in the dead of winter. The waters below the dam are the headwaters to a Pristine Major Watershed Project, stocked with several varieties of trout and provides Drinking Water and Summer Recreation for a 20-mile area.


SPI’s PI-616 Petro-Pipes stopped several hundred gallons of Transformer Oil from hitting the Green River at a Major Hydroelectric Power Generation Plant in Utah, successfully preventing a major catastrophe. 


SPI’s Custom Made Petro-Plugs prevented a sizeable oil spill at a HydroElectric Power Plant on the Saluda River, near Greenville, South Carolina just 2 weeks after they were installed, circumventing some severe compliance issues.

SPI’s Patented Petro-Pipe Saves the Day at Murphy Oil in Alabama

SPI’s Patented Petro-Pipe Saves the Day at Murphy Oil in Alabama

SPI Petro-Barriers™ Perform Perfectly 
through Transformer Explosion in Queens, NY

Petro-barrier filter
This Transformer in a Unit Substation exploded and burned for more than three hours. The Fire Department had to spray water on the adjacent buildings during the fire to keep them from burning to the ground. SPI Petro-Barriers™ are used in this substation for oil containment. After the fire was extinguished and a new transformer was installed, SPI was called in to examine the HDPE Sumps that are used to house the Petro-Barriers™.

Petro-barrier filter
Petro-barrier filter
The HDPE Housing melted down about 1/2” from the top but was otherwise intact. The used Petro-Barrier Media was
vacuumed out of each sump where the Transformer Oil had spilled and affected the SPI Media about 10" down into the
unit. Notice how the concrete floor is all broken up from the Intense Heat, but the SPI Petro-Barrier™ Sumps were intact
and still provided 100% Spill Protection. New media was installed in the SPI Petro-Barrier™ and the crumbled
concrete was removed and replaced at a later date.
Petro-barrier filter

Petro-Pipes® Contain Leakage From Substation Transformer Explosion in Southern California

Petro-barrier filter
A transformer explosion exposed the Petro-Pipe® to more than three hours of fire before the fire was extinguished.
The flanged Petro-Pipe® is shown after the fire is extinguished. On the right there are two holes drilled through the concrete into the oil containment sump for water drainage; this is where burning oil entered the sump.
Despite extreme conditions, no oil escaped the containment sump as shown here after the Petro-Pipe® removal and in the previous photo of a worker removing the Petro-Pipe®.
The Petro-Pipe® housing is hammered out of the concrete; the flanges were melted and fused together. No oil escaped past the Petro-Pipe®. (The area where the worker in standing.)
The Petro-Pipe® flanges melted and fused together, preventing any oil from escaping. 

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