Spill Containment Products and Systems

Starting with specialized absorbents to solidify spills and sludge or separate oil from water, SPI has evolved into a leader in producing state-of-the-art spill containment products and systems. 

SPI technology has led to the development of passive oil containment systems that offer 24/7/365 protection from the release of oil, whether a faint sheen or a full blown spill. These systems are particularly important for unmanned containment areas where oil contaminated storm water could runoff or overflow into the environment. SPI’s endeavors have resulted in being granted multiple U.S. and Canadian patents with other U.S. and foreign patents pending.  

In addition to effectively trapping oil, the media in SPI products will physically react with oil to instantly form a plug thus preventing any oil from being discharged from an SPI product or containment system. Many materials absorb oil but only SPI offers products that guarantee maximum performance: No oil has ever escaped an SPI product.   

Over the years, thousands of Petro-Plugs®, Petro-Pipes®, SPI Petro-Barriers™ and custom made oil absorbing products have been installed across the United States, Canada, and throughout the world. All have performed up to or beyond expectations. SPI continues to find solutions to even the most difficult environmental problems related to contamination from oil, hydrocarbons, and related materials. Our capabilities range from retrofitting storm drains for 100% oil spill containment to engineering and manufacturing custom products for a multitude of applications that are vital to all industries that seek to protect the environment.   

SPI continues to develop new products and expand the capabilities of current products. Recently SPI has added custom-sized heating blankets for its SPI Petro-Barriers™ and their external filters to allow the Barriers to perform in freezing weather. 

With the aid of a sump pump, SPI can now collect and treat subsurface water by pumping the potentially contaminated water through a SPI Petro-Barrier™. This configuration of a SPI Petro-Barrier™ is designated as a Pump-Thru-Barrier™ and is one of our most popular products.
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