Cold Weather Solutions for Oil Containment

As the winter months continue, extreme temperatures can increase oil’s viscosity and thickness. During an oil spill, the freezing conditions may damage pipelines and surrounding environments. When you have a proactive solution, you can contain the oil and perform a quicker recovery.

Why You Need Oil Spill Containment in Cold Weather

During colder seasons, soil swelling and upward movement can cause a pipeline incident. The accumulation or movement of snow is another leading cause of pipeline incidents. These conditions can cause oil spills and a high rate of damage.

While there isn’t a single way to prevent oil spills from happening, it’s important to monitor activities and have a plan. You can stop a spill efficiently and reduce the likelihood of pipeline damage with the right containment products.

Benefits of a Pump-Thru-Barrier™ Oil Water Separator

If you have an application where high-volume water removal would be necessary, the Pump-Thru-Barrier™ Oil Water Separator provides your solution. The system can accommodate options such as mineral oil, FR3 dielectric fluid and Synthetic Ester oil.

When a major spill occurs, the unit shuts down all flow and prevents oil from escaping into the environment. After the spill has shut down the system, the return line brings all liquid back into the containment area.

SPI Heating Blanket Test

Our custom Heating Blankets, allow water drainage in temperatures below minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit. A test was conducted at the SPI facility with temperatures of -12° F and not rising above 32° F for 8 straight days. The blankets were installed on the Pump-ThruBarrier™ housing and external water filter in December and removed in April. Installed in the sump is a water heater that keeps the water from freezing. The internal temperature inside the Pump-Thru Barrier Unit was a warm 68°, prev.

Prepare for Cold Weather Today

Oil spills still happen during freezing weather. Solidification Products International, Inc. provides the oil containment solutions you need. We’re committed to providing solidification technology and products for oil spill cleanups and unique industrial applications.

Want to learn more about our Pump-Thru-Barrier™ Oil Water Separator and custom Heating Blankets? Feel free to contact our team today!

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