SPI Patented Pump-Thru Barriers™

SPI Pump-Thru Barriers Offer Versatile Applications

Solidification Products International’s patented Pump-Thru-Barriers are a popular item because of their versatility and durability in the field.

Refinements and improvements are made on an ongoing basis and new features are added to improve efficiency and performance. Pump-Thru Barriers remove hydrocarbons to non-detectable levels.

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The blue cylindrical pre-filter, a sump pump with a heating ring and the new custom-made heating blanket, are all new additions to the Pump-Thru Barriers overall versatility. The pre-filter canister itself has dramatically improved the longevity of the internal dirt filters built into the units.

Providing 100% Effective Fuel and Oil Protection

SPI developed the portable Pump-Thru-Barrier for containment areas that require rapid removal of high volumes of rainwater while disallowing any oil sheen or spill to be released.

SPI’s Pump-Thru Barrier system incorporates the use of a sump pump in conjunction with our patented media for efficient hydrocarbon removal. Rainwater is pumped into the Pump-Through-Barrier and passively drains through the SPI Media removing any oil sheen whatsoever.

In the event of a major spill, the unit completely seals off to contain the spill.

The Pump-Thru-Barrier has internal dirt filters that clean the rainwater before it reaches the Petro-Barrier media. In the event of a major oil spill, the Pump-Thru-Barrier instantly shuts off all flow and prevents any oil from reaching the surrounding environment.

All oils are diverted to a return system that flows back into the containment area after the system has shut down. The overflow is directed back into the containment area until the operator shuts down the sump pump. This is a system that can be trailer-mounted to allow companies to pump out several areas in a number of locations.

During a rainstorm, the rainwater is pumped into the Portable Pump-Thru Barrier Unit which incorporates the use of dirt and oil sheen filters that prevent the Petro-Barrier from clogging. These filters are easily removed and replaced in minutes.

For colder climates, the Pump-Thru-Barriers are outfitted with thermal heating blankets that protect both the unit housing and the external water filter. We have also added an additional sump pump pre-filter that can be cleaned as needed.

The portable Pump-Thru Barrier can be installed in any containment area where you need to be sure no oil sheen is ever discharged from your facility.

The portable Pump-Thru Barrier enables companies to install an effective oil spill containment system after the fact, which prevents pooling water and many hours of manual pumping.

If an oil sheen is visible, it is necessary to treat the water on-site or have a tank truck haul the water off for treatment somewhere else. Worse yet, if the water is not pumped out and an oil spill occurs, will the system have the holding capacity it needs?

Pump-Thru Barriers remove oil sheen to less than 3 ppm but in most cases to non-detectable levels. No other system works 24/7/365 days a year providing the protection that SPI’s Pump-Thru Barrier delivers.

Pump-Thru Barrier Removes and Stops Many Fuels

  • Diesel
  • Transformer oil
  • Heating oil
  • Jet fuel
  • Kerosene
  • Gasoline
  • Crude oils
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Other hydrocarbons

In the picture to the left, diesel fuel was leaking from a peak generator site into the containment area with no discharge, costing right at $20,000.00 a month for disposal during the rainy season in Vermont.

SPI’s Pump-Thru-Barriers have been installed for more than 5 years now, so imagine the money that has been saved.

When large quantities of diesel fuel are absorbed over time, the flow rate starts to diminish, and the barrier cartridge needs to be replaced.

Pump-Thru-Barrier Oil and Water Separator

The SPI Pump-Thru-Barrier is outfitted onsite with an external water filter and support brace. The external filter removes dirt down to 35 micros and allows the system to capture the fine dirt prior to getting into the internal dirt filters.

The sump pump is turned on and the flow is adjusted with a max flow rate on the 24” unit of 35 gpm.

Cold Weather Operation of the Pump-Thru-Barrier

Our custom heating blankets have been tested for temperatures below -40 degrees in extreme conditions.

The following test was conducted at the SPI facility with temperatures of -12 F and not rising above 32 F for eight straight days.

The blankets were installed on the Pump-Thru-Barrier housing and external water filter in December 2013 and removed April 1, 2014. Installed in the water vessel is a water heater that kept the water free of ice throughout the time period. The internal temperature inside the Pump-Thru Unit was a warm 68 degrees.

Pump-Thru Barrier Drawing

Dual Installation – Pump-Thru Barrier


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