Secondary Containment for Oil and Gas

Oil containment for oil and gas is essential for facilities extracting, storing or transporting these fluids. At Solidification Products International, Inc., you’ll find containment systems to minimize spills, saving money and product. We’ve been helping industries for more than 30 years, and we use advanced technology to create the best containment solutions.

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Why the Oil and Gas Industry Needs Oil Containment

How businesses process, extract, transport and store gas and oil is essential for communities, government, the environment and oil companies. Gas and oil spills are a significant concern. Beyond causing devastating damage to ecosystems, oil spills are expensive to clean. Although these spills can result from produced gas or oil, oil spills can also occur from transformers that power operations.

Oil and gas containment systems protect the environment from spills, ensure companies responsible for the oil extraction can save valuable products and act as a layer of protection between the oil and its surroundings.

Secondary containment provides a temporary, safe location for discharged oil until the appropriate actions can handle leaks or discharge sources. Additionally, containment provides oil removal time to collect the fluid before it reaches shorelines or groundwater, which could impact plants, ecosystems and animals.

SPCC Compliance for Oil and Gas Containment

Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) helps businesses and facilities prevent oil spills and discharges from entering adjoining shorelines and navigable waters. The SPCC requires companies to implement and maintain an oil spill prevention plan to prevent these instances and recognize the appropriate actions to take should one occur. To be SPCC compliant, businesses must contain oil or have another structure to restrain or hinder oil flow.

How Can Solidification Products International, Inc. Help?

SPI offers high-quality and cost-effective solutions for controlling oil spills. Our products use filtering technology, allowing water to drain while providing an oil containment system.

If a spill occurs, the oil/water filter becomes a containment system by forming a plug that prevents oil from releasing into the environment. Your facility can clean up the spill and continue operations quickly.

Our products offer reliability and protection. Each of our products enables you to follow SPCC regulations, empowering your facility to choose the products that suit its needs, including:

  • Petro-Pipe®: Our patented Petro-Pipes suit locations with substandard drainage fields and high water tables. This product creates a seal to prevent oil spills while allowing rainwater to pass through.
  • Petro-Barrier™: Our Petro-Barrier products serve as an optimal drainage sump at the lower end of the containment. Petro-Barriers filter rainwater through three media types, remove the sheen and discharge the water. If a spill occurs, the system seals completely.
  • Petro-Plug®: The Petro-Plug protects small floor drains from hydrocarbon encroachment. These systems allow up to five quarts per minute of water to drain in standard-size floor plans. If oil contacts the inner media, the system seals by plugging the drain so nothing can pass.

Find Advanced Oil Containment Solutions From SPI

SPI offers the most technologically advanced and cost-effective oil containment solutions. We design our products to prevent hydrocarbons from releasing into the environment and to serve as a complement to any SPCC plan. For more information about products, reach out at (203) 484-9494 or contact us for a free quote.