Secondary Oil Containment for IT & Data Centers

Solidifcation Products International, Inc. (SPI) has provided industry-leading oil containment products to various industries for over 30 years. We have experience working with operations around the globe and a deep understanding of oil containment requirements for safety, compliance and environmental protection.

Our original products prevent hydrocarbons from entering the environment and support spill prevention, control and countermeasure (SPCC) plans. Our expertise allows us to work with you on new systems and retrofit our products when required.

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The Importance of Oil Containment for the IT Industry

Transformers are essential for all types of electrical infrastructure, including data centers. While these transformers deliver high-voltage electricity, they use oil to cool and insulate their components as operating temperatures rise. Older transformers may leak as parts begin to corrode, posing many risks. Oil containment systems are critical for transformers for:

  • Safety: Leaking transformer oil can cause various electrical hazards, such as insulation and short circuit failure. The oil also poses a fire hazard that can lead to a fire in or near your data center.
  • Environmental protection: When oil runs into the environment, it contaminates the soil and nearby bodies of water. The chemicals can cause significant ecosystem disruptions and harm plant and animal life.
  • Money savings: Between electrical damage and possible transformer burnout, leaking oil can cause many equipment issues that cost money to fix. Oil containment can prevent the oil from spreading and prevent extensive, costly damage.
  • Compliance: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires oil leak prevention for all oil-filled operation equipment. If you encounter oil leakage without a containment system, the EPA can enact penalties for noncompliance.

How SPI Supports Data Centers

Solidification Products International, Inc. is a leader in designing and manufacturing oil containment products. With our solutions, IT teams can safeguard their transformers from dangerous and costly leaks.

Our innovative products are designed to discharge rainwater while trapping hydrocarbons effectively. These designs also ensure the containment systems close off entirely upon oil release. During a spill, the patented Petro-Barrier™ creates a plug that keeps oil away from the environment.

Water feeds through the top of the system and filters through three separate layers of filtering media to remove all oil particles. This system does not require oil separators, sensors, valves or pumps.

We offer other products for oil containment that may work better for your site. For example, the Petro-Pipe® discharges water while separating oil particles by operating passively around the clock. The SPI Oil Containment Shield™ is an excellent option if you’re looking for a custom system.

oil containment shield

Work With SPI for Secondary Containment for Data Centers

SPI is a veteran-owned company with one major goal — to prevent the risk of oil spills. Our founder, Bill Gannon, developed experience in polymer technology for oil spills that powered the development of his innovative products for Solidification Products International, Inc. This experience and drive to prevent oil spills led to our extensive collection of oil containment technologies that are cost-effective and technically advanced.

Our products support a range of industries, including IT operations. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our containment options for your data center.