Secondary Oil Containment for Schools & Universities

Educational facilities are one of many buildings that use oil-filled transformers, making oil containment critical. Solidification Products International, Inc. (SPI) has decades of experience developing and manufacturing oil containment systems to support industries like education. We will work with you to integrate new systems and retrofit as needed.

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The Important of Spill Containment in Education

Educational facilities rely on transformers across their campuses to provide power for buildings. While transformers are essential for helping these facilities run, this equipment is oil-filled and comes with risks. Transformers put in several working hours that lead to wear over time. This wear can lead to oil leaks that are challenging to discover as soon as they happen. With oil containment solutions, you can:

  • Protect students and staff: Oil spills pose safety risks for humans because they contain many toxic compounds. Oil containment solutions help you protect students and staff from these compounds and keep them safe on your campus.
  • Safeguard the environment: Just as oil spills harm humans, they damage the environment. The toxic compounds from the oil can seep into the soil and run into nearby bodies of water, affecting the ecosystem and impacting populations of plants and animals. Keep your surrounding ecosystem safe with oil spill containment.
  • Reduce costs: Cleaning up oil spills can be a high-cost process you aren’t prepared to cover, and these spills can also damage your transformer if left unchecked. Prevent the need for cleanup and extensive repairs with spill containment.
  • Meet compliance requirements: All operations that use oil-filled equipment are required to have oil spill prevention systems in place. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enforces this requirement and can penalize operations for failing to uphold this standard.

SPI’s Oil Containment Solutions for Educational Facilities

SPI is an innovative industry leader in designing, engineering and manufacturing oil containment systems. For decades, our work has supported operations across industries. We offer various solutions to cover varying levels of oil containment to ensure you find an option that meets your needs.

For educational facilities, our Oil Containment Shield™ is an excellent solution. We designed this product to accommodate small transformers that hold 750 gallons of oil or less. This smaller size is common for schools and other educational buildings. Every Oil Containment Shield is custom-designed based on the landscape in your area to provide optimal containment.

All OCS systems feature our state-of-the-art SPI Petro-Plug® Box or Petro-Pipe® with a Pre-Filter basket. Once installed, your OCS will effectively evacuate rainwater and prevent hydrocarbons from entering the environment. These systems help you comply with EPA requirements and work for many fuel types.

Explore SPI’s Products Today

SPI is a veteran-owned business that has revolutionized oil containment with a simple yet technically advanced design. Our mission is to help companies align with EPA requirements and protect the environment so all operations can be safer. With our OCS, your educational facility can prevent costly and harmful spills. Browse our products today, and get in touch with our team to learn more about our solutions.