Oil Containment Liner Wall Box

High Water Flow and 100% Protection of an OIL SPILL

Discharging rain from an oil containment area is a challenge. Through Research and Development our team at Solidification Products International (SPI) has been continually implementing advanced oil containment technology to solving these challenges for over 20 years. SPI now has over 100,000 product applications in use around the world and to date no oil has ever escaped any of our patented products or systems.

We take pride in every product produced at SPI. We conduct on going testing to ensure that in the event of an oil or fuel spill occurs, our products will always seal correctly and prevent any oil or hydrocarbon from escaping into the environment.

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The New SPI Petro-Liner-Wall-Box is designed to be installed quickly and easily, making a total water/oil seal.

SPI Petro-Liner-Wall-Box Has an aluminum mounting flange that is attached to a liner. The sump in thefront of the flange allows water to enter the attached pre-filter as soon as rain starts providing head pressure to start draining. The oil containment liner wall box is on a 20º angle that promotes faster drainage.

  • All Aluminum Construction
  • Water Sump for instant drainage
  • Quick Attachment knobs to attach Petro-Liner-Wall-Box
  • Ease of installing dirt filters
  • Easy to check to see if draining
  • Perforated Gravel Guard protects dirt filter
  • Rear Gravel Guard Protects Petro-Liner-Wall-Box
  • Allows for easy change-out and maintenance
  • High Flow rate up to 8 – 10 gallons per minute
  • 100% Oil Containment

SPI always conducts product tests to ensure each product performs as it was sold. In the above pictures the Petro-Liner-Wall-Box is removed from the liner and installed into the oil test box and water is starting to flow. Once the waterflow rate is established, then 4 gallons of transformer oil is poured into the test vessel.

After 4 hours all the excess oil is poured from the test box and the inside pre-filter is removed to access the solidified SPI high-flow media. In the upper left picture, dirty floss mesh covers the media, and it is removed. In the lower left picture, unused media covers the bottom of the wall box, and the solidified media is then taken out and stands upright. SPI’s Petro-Liner-Wall-Box provides high flow drainage with unmatched ability to prevent any oil or fuel spill from escaping into the environment.


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