Secondary Oil Containment for Electric Services

As an electric utility or services company, you’re subject to strict environmental protection guidelines, including preventing transformer oils from unintentional escape. Solidification Products International Inc. (SPI) has been a trusted source of transformer oil containment products for decades. We understand the challenges of managing regulatory compliance and provide cost-effective and innovative solutions to meet them.

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What Are the Parts of an Electric Power Plant and Substation?

An electric power plant is a facility that generates electricity by burning fuel to transform water into steam that powers turbines. These sites generally consume significant oil and store considerable amounts of it, reinforcing the need for robust containment solutions.

A substation is part of the distribution network where transmission lines intersect. High-voltage lines send power into the system, where it moves through various equipment, like switches and capacitors. It also travels through transformers that step down the voltage to acceptable levels for distribution lines.

Transformers rely on polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) -based oils for heat exchange, insulation and cooling. This equipment can hold hundreds of gallons of specialized oil, which can be toxic with excessive or prolonged exposure. As a result, substation operators must take steps to contain potential leaks and spills to protect nearby people and the environment.

Why Does the Electric Services Industry Need Oil Containment?

The primary reason for electrical substation containment solutions is compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) regulations. These mandates apply to any facility with transformers larger than 55-gallon capacity and total storage over 1,320 gallons. Under the rule, companies must develop and implement site-specific plans to limit escape potential and respond to incidents. Infractions can be costly or lead to jail terms.

Another potential risk in the electric services industry is older infrastructure. Many companies have begun transitioning to gas breakers, but older oil-based ones may still be in use in some substations and systems. Those components present a higher risk of a spill or escape due to their age and the additional oil they contain.

How Can SPI Help?

Solidification Products International is a veteran-owned company driven by innovation, quality and design improvement. Our in-house R&D team draws on extensive industry experience to develop flexible and custom solutions for new projects and retrofits. As a result, we bring electric services companies a range of cost-effective containment options.

Each SPI containment solution is built to filter and detect increased hydrocarbon-based materials. As drainage passes through, filters remove potential sheen to achieve undetectable levels. If our patented devices identify excessive oil, they create a complete barrier to prevent an escape. Our options for electric services companies include:

  • Petro-Plugs®: These are ideal for use with standard 3-inch or 4-inch drains and low water flow. They install quickly and easily with a unique twist-to-lock design. Plus, our advanced design delivers a watertight seal without additional sealants needed.
  • Petro-Pipes®: Our Petro-Pipes can handle water flow of up to 3 gallons per minute and high-temperature environments. They’re highly customizable with a flanged design allowing for mounting through the containment wall.
  • Petro-Barriers™: These solutions offer triple-layered filtering media for maximum discharge cleanliness. Petro-Barriers come in numerous diameters and lengths based on your specific containment area needs.


Petro Barrier

Work With SPI for Substation Oil Containment Solutions

Solidification Products International designs and produces our innovative 100% containment solutions in an ISO 9001:2015-certified facility for quality assurance. We also boast a history of reliability with zero product failures resulting in an oil escape. Our market-leading options have been a trusted approach since 1991.

Contact an SPI specialist online to learn more about our containment products or request a custom quote.