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Oil Containment Solutions for Storm Water Drains

Solidification Products International’s StormWater Petro-Barriers deliver the quintessential oil-spill containment system for any industrial or municipal setting where hydrocarbons and vegetable oils are stored. These units allow rainwater to flow through them while blocking oil sheen or hydrocarbons from passing.

Oil containment is a challenge for all facilities with storm drains near oil-filled transformers, diesel tanks or vehicle traffic. Increased liability due to small and large oil releases from this equipment reaching drains can result in costly cleanups, so having effective containment solutions is vital. Engineers at Solidification Products International, Inc. (SPI) can design and build custom StormWater Petro-Barriers in any configuration to fit a client’s specific needs.

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How a StormWater Petro-Barrier Works

SPI Petro-Barrier containment solutions install in stormwater drains to prevent oil from entering the drainage system, helping clients meet stormwater pollution prevention plan requirements. These solutions utilize a passive system for filtering rainwater. Once the Petro-Barrier detects a specific amount of sheen, it seals so the oil cannot escape. Our products provide 100% oil containment in the event of a large spill while emphasizing the removal of ongoing low-level oil sheen before discharging the water.

The StormWater Petro-Barrier uses dirt and debris filters to prevent these particles from interfering with the system’s operation and protect the other media layers. Inside the oil spill containment system are three types of media that the stormwater discharge must pass through to reach the drainage system, including:

  1. An active product for oil detection and containment.
  2. Active absorption media.
  3. Oil sheen filters to reduce this substance to nondetectable levels.

These filters ensure that clean water enters the drainage system and detected oil and oil sheen are removed from the stormwater and contained. The various levels of filtration prevent oil from escaping and help protect the environment by complying with the required regulations.

For the most effective operation, a facility’s drainage system should direct the water runoff to the stormwater drains so that most of the water reaches the StormWater Petro-Barriers, allowing the products to filter any potentially harmful substances.

How SPI StormWater Petro-Barriers Protect the Public

The StormWater Petro-Barrier systems by Solidification Products International, Inc. offer several primary advantages, including:

  • Proper drainage: These systems allow enormous volumes of rainwater to drain freely from your property while sequestering oil sheens and spills, affording you complete peace of mind that your property is well-protected with unparalleled compliance standards.
  • Compliance with environmental standards: Now, you can ensure your property’s total compliance by completely isolating any designated area from all threats of an oil spill. Our solutions prevent potential contamination that could affect public waterways and municipal sewer lines, causing compliance issues and penalties.
  • Effective oil containment: Our team has installed thousands of StormWater Petro-Barriers in stormwater drains, and oil has not gotten past any of them. Other solutions, like oil sensing switches and oil stop valves, often fail to prevent oil spills.
  • Custom designs: We custom design and manufacture the StormWater Petro-Barrier for your unique requirements. Our experts consider factors like containment area size, rainfall amount and land slope when designing your system to make sure it provides the effective oil containment you need.

In the photos below, you can see a step-by-step StormWater Petro-Barrier installation that completely seals off an industrial parking area where hydrocarbons are stored, removing a substantial environmental threat to the site.

StormWater Barrier Plan View

Advantages of Partnering With Solidification Products International, Inc.

SPI’s StormWater Petro-Barrier, Petro-Plug and Petro-Pipe products deliver passive, cost-efficient solutions for oil spill containment, rainwater drainage and oil sheen removal for various applications. Our comprehensive research and development department leads the way in creating some of the industry’s most reliable, innovative and cost-effective solutions.

When you choose SPI for your oil containment needs, you’ll experience benefits like:

  • Technical expertise: With many decades of combined experience, our knowledgeable staff is among the world’s most technically sound for developing oil containment solutions. SPI is ISO-certified and boasts multiple product patents. We consistently rank in the top quartile for customer satisfaction, according to Dun & Bradstreet.
  • Versatility: We offer a comprehensive range of products based on the unique needs of your applications and can provide solutions to businesses of any size. For decades, we have supplied products for utilities, military branches, municipalities, industrial facilities, solar operations and wind farms worldwide.
  • Service area: Based out of southern Connecticut, we can provide technical insight and free consultations to businesses globally. We design and manufacture all our products locally and can ship to nearly any location in the world.

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At Solidification Products International, Inc., we’re proud to be a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing high-performance products that control leaks, spills and other oil-related issues. We’re a veteran-owned company that has fulfilled the needs of a broad industry and application range since 1991. Our StormWater Petro-Barriers are one example of our many superior oil containment solutions.

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