SPI Patented StormWater Petro-Barriers™

SPI StormWater Petro-Barriers Protect the Public

Solidification Products International’s StormWater Petro-Barriers provide the quintessential oil-spill containment system for any industrial and municipal setting where hydrocarbons are stored.

Now you can guarantee your property’s total compliance by completely isolating any designated area from all threats of an oil-spill that could potentially contaminate public waterways and/or municipal sewer lines, causing compliance issues and penalties.

In the photos below you can see a step-by-step StormWater Petro-Barrier installation that completely seals off an industrial parking area where hydrocarbons are stored, removing a huge environmental threat to the area.

These systems allow enormous volumes of rainwater to drain freely from your property while simultaneously sequestering any and all oil sheens and spills…affording you complete peace-of-mind that your property is well-protected with unparalleled compliance standards.

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