Transformer Drop-In Liner Systems for Oil Containment

Solidification Products International, Inc. (SPI) offers pre-engineered, labor-saving drop-in liner systems that fit like a glove! Our liner solutions are complete oil containment systems proven to prevent all oil spills while continuously draining unwanted rainwater. Throughout SPI’s long history, our patented technology has never failed any oil containment application.

Unlike oil containment systems from many competitors, our drop-in liner systems are sealed completely, offering secure protection for your valuable property while complying with the required regulations.

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SPI’s Drop-In Liners and Berms

SPI’s drop-in liners incorporate a Petro-Pipe for drainage and to prevent hydrocarbons from releasing into the environment.

We design our drop-in liners for oil containment to meet your needs and budget requirements using XR-5 geomembranes, one of the industry’s most reliable and durable materials. Our patented technology enables point-source directed discharge, unlike most solutions from competitors. These drop-in spill liners leave no details to chance like many other hit-or-miss approaches to containment.

Our durable designs stand up to long-term wear and provide many years of reliable use at an economical price. We utilize large-panel fabrication that requires fewer field seams, helping ensure the joints stay secure over the liner’s life.

Some of the primary features of these transformer drop-in liner systems include:

  • Custom designs to meet your application’s unique specifications
  • Clean, ergonomic fabrication
  • Compliance with all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state regulations
  • Hydrocarbon, chemical and UV resistance
  • Factory-welded seams without glue or adhesive
  • Welded pipe boots for all penetrations
  • Aluminum strapping to bolt in the liner securely

In addition to our transformer spill containment liners, SPI offers an entire line of portable containment berms and liners designed to meet various requirements, including rigid wall stability for horizontal drainage.

Exceptionally Durable XR-5 Material

Engineers worldwide prefer XR-5 geomembranes for liners that must stand up to the harshest operating conditions. Backed by decades of coated fabric technology, XR-5 material is the highest-strength and most chemical-resistant liner material on the market, offering superior containment and protection against toxic substances like oils, acids and methane.

Among the many benefits of using XR-5 material are the following:

  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Eliminated wicking
  • Low thermal expansion and contraction
  • Maximum strength-to-weight ratio
  • Superior environmental protection

Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan Requirements

One of the most significant benefits of SPI’s drop-in liners is their compliance with the EPA’s Clean Water Act. According to the Act, any facility that uses, stores, consumes or transfers certain oil products in specific amounts must implement a Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) plan. These products include hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, lube oil, gasoline, vegetable oil and other similar products over 1,320 gallons aboveground or 42,000 gallons in buried containers.

Due to the potential danger that oil spills pose to the environment and public health, operations must make every possible effort to prevent them and clean them up immediately when they occur. The primary aim of an SPCC plan is to help facilities prevent the discharge of oil into navigable waters.

Our Drop-In Liner Systems Install Quickly and Easily

SPI’s drop-in liners are factory RF-welded, sealed containment systems with point-source directed water flow. The secure welding means that the liner’s structure requires no glues or adhesives. After a major spill, the operators can remove the spent Petro-Pipe and install a new replacement, instead of having to dig up the whole containment liner system, as with other competitive options.

SPI’s drop-in oil spill containment liners for mineral oil, FR3 and other oil types can easily be installed by following the steps below:

  1. Excavating the containment area to the dimensions needed to handle the designated quantity of transformer oil with a distinctive pitch in the grade
  2. Removing the drop-in liner from its shipping container
  3. Lining up the pre-installed flange compression fitting for the outflow drain
  4. Laying out the liner over the transformer pad
  5. Installing the Petro-Pipe
  6. Firmly bolting the containment liner to the transformer pad using heavy-duty aluminum batten strips
  7. Trimming and landscaping the area

Depending on the size of the containment area, installation can take as little as four hours.

Additional Benefits of SPI’s Drop-In Liners

SPI is one of the only companies in the world offering pre-engineered, drop-in liner systems that fit like a glove and provide significant savings in labor during installation. We can custom-design these solutions to your application’s unique containment specifications. Our oil containment solutions utilize our patented technology to drain unwanted rainwater while preventing all oil spill types.

Additional benefits include:

  • No leaks ever
  • Worry-free technology — SPI has never had a product failure in its entire company history
  • An entirely sealed drainage system
  • No replacement required after a major spill like many other solutions offered by competitors

Advantages of Partnering With Solidification Products International, Inc.

SPI offers a comprehensive range of cost-effective solutions for spill containment, oil sheen removal and rainwater drainage across an extensive application range. Our knowledgeable and experienced research and engineering team is among the industry’s leaders in creating the market’s most durable and dependable solutions.

Partnering with SPI enables you to experience benefits like:

  • Versatility: SPI supplies many oil containment solutions to meet the needs of any industrial or municipal application. We offer various-sized products for an extensive industry range, from government agencies and military branches to industrial facilities and wind farms.
  • Superior technical expertise: With many years of industry experience, our engineers and designers are among the industry’s most knowledgeable and technically sound. We pride ourselves on our many product patents and ISO certification while continuously focusing on achieving the highest customer satisfaction levels.
  • Broad service area: With headquarters in Northford, Connecticut, we offer free consultations and technical advice to operations worldwide. We build all our oil containment systems locally and can ship our products to many locations globally.

Find Drop-in Liner Systems for Oil Containment at SPI Today

Solidification Products International, Inc. combines decades of industry expertise with some of the market’s leading technology to develop the most effective oil containment solutions. Since 1991, operations across a broad application range have relied on us for the most dependable, durable and cost-effective products. Our drop-in liners and berms are just a few examples of our many high-performance containment solutions.

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