SPI Pre-Filtered Products for Oil Containment

Petro-Pipe systems from Solidification Products International, Inc. (SPI) are ideal oil containment solutions for areas with high water tables and poor drainage fields. The Petro-Pipe’s design enables precipitation to pass through the device while blocking out oil from a leak or spill. These systems operate 24/7 to protect containment areas from contamination.

We offer these solutions with multiple fitting types and diameters to achieve peak flow rates for various applications.

pre filter basket

It is always best to use an SPI pre-filter canister and pre-filter basket with all Petro-Pipes for maximum performance and a significantly longer life span. Because smaller Petro-Pipe models like the PIT-410 and PIT-416 do not contain an internal filter, they have a pre-filter canister and require a pre-filter basket to capture the dirt passing through the system.

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SPI’s Pre-Filter Basket for Oil Containment

Our Petro-Pipes catch the bulk of dirt and debris with the pre-filter basket installed inside the contaminant area. This basket serves as the first line of defense in preventing dirt, debris and other particles from entering the drain line. The pre-filter canister is a secondary dirt filter attached to the front of the Petro-Pipe to capture the fine particles and sediment that travel past the pre-filter basket.

Pre-Filter Basket Installation

Installing the pre-filter basket requires four easy-to-perform steps:

  1. Place the pre-filter basket around the Petro-Pipe’s inside walls.
  2. Put the Z-brackets against the pre-filter flange and drill the holes.
  3. Attach the Z-brackets with concrete anchors. The basket is now removable by sliding it upward.
  4. Lift the lid and fill the cage with the 2-inch floss batting. Ensure the batting sits below the top level to secure the lid tightly.

This installation provides the Petro-Pipe with protection from dirt and debris. To ensure optimum water flow, inspect, clean and replace the floss batting when needed. In addition, the pre-filter basket requires removal when replacing the entire Petro-Pipe.

Pre-Filter Basket Maintenance

Users should regularly inspect SPI’s pre-filter products and Petro-Pipes to ensure maximum functionality. Visually inspecting the pre-filter basket involves lifting the top and examining the floss batting on the inside of the basket.

In most cases, the black mesh flow-free material attached to the basket does not require replacement. Users can brush out and sweep away any accumulated dirt.

The basket’s 2-inch thick polyester catches the finer particles while allowing water to pass. Each filter typically requires bi-annual or annual replacement, depending on the amount of dirt. To replace the old filter, remove it from the basket, brush away any dirt that may have fallen out and insert a new filter. The replacement filters come packaged in six pieces per box.

PFC-44 Pre-Filter Canister Maintenance

The PFC-44 pre-filter canister’s inside filters are easily replaceable. The canister contains 1 1/2-inch male fittings attached to a discharge pipe at the contaminant area and a female fitting on the bottom that connects to the Petro-Pipe. The canister’s top is removable and allows easy replacement. Replacement canister filters come packaged with 10 pieces per box.

To replace the canister’s filter, remove the top of the unit. The canister has an O-ring on the inside, so reinstalling the top doesn’t require Teflon tape.

The 2-inch polyester replacement filter goes on top of the micro-mesh sheet at the bottom of the canister. The flow-free mesh material comes next, followed by screwing the canister’s top until tight. A snug fit against the O-ring ensures a secure seal.

Benefits of Partnering With Solidification Products International, Inc.

SPI’s Petro-Pipe, Petro-Plug and Petro-Barrier systems meet the needs of our customers by delivering cost-effective, passive solutions for oil spill containment, oil sheen removal and rainwater drainage. Our products work well for applications where areas face potential contamination from oils and fuels or at previously contaminated sites requiring oil and rainwater separation. Many of our installations ensure compliance with the Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure regulations enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Other benefits you’ll experience when working with us include the following:

  • Industry expertise: Our team is among the world’s most well-versed subject matter experts with over 30 years of experience providing high-quality oil containment solutions. We possess multiple patents for our products and are an ISO-certified manufacturer. According to Dun & Bradstreet, we rank in the top quartile for customer satisfaction.
  • Ability to serve a broad market range: Based out of Northford, Connecticut, we offer industry insight and free consultations to operations worldwide. Clients utilize our systems and products globally for transformers and other oil-filled equipment across many industries that need effective oil spill containment. For your convenience, we can ship our products to most national and international locations.
  • Veteran-owned company: We are proud to be a veteran-owned small business that designs and manufactures all our oil contaminant solutions in the United States. Government agencies, municipalities and military branches depend on our solutions to meet their oil containment needs.

Find Pre-Filter Oil Containment Products at SPI Today

At Solidification Products International, Inc., we leverage many years of experience with the industry’s most advanced technology to develop the world’s top oil containment products. Since 1991, we have provided reliable, high-performance solutions across a comprehensive application range. Our Petro-Pipes, pre-filter baskets and pre-filter canisters are just a few examples of our many superior oil containment products.

Call 203-484-9494 or contact us online today to discover more features about our innovative oil containment products and how they can benefit your operation.


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