Oil Spill Containment

Modern businesses in industries ranging from electric utilities to manufacturing rely on diesel full, kerosene and gasoline to carry out their operations. While essential, these substances contain hydrocarbons that are highly flammable and pose risks to the environment when discharged. Spills can warrant fines from the Environmental Protection Agency or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration if workplace safety is compromised.

Having the right products for spill prevention, control and countermeasures (SPCC) is a must to reduce liability and protect the environment.

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SPI Solutions for SPCC

At Solidification Products International, Inc., our oil spill containment systems and solutions are more than traditional oil spill control products. They’re 24/7/365 workhorses with patented technology to contain hydrocarbons while letting rainwater drain efficiently.


Petro-Pipes® are ideal for containment unit rainwater discharge in areas with challenges like poor-draining soil and high water tables. These innovative designs use a 15- to 25-degree slope to generate head pressure and optimize high-volume flow.

Each Petro-Pipe fits into a housing and contains a compressible O-ring to create a complete seal. These pipes feature filter media for rainwater and sheen. The filters are easily accessible to simplify periodic maintenance. Once oil or hydrocarbon hits the Petro-Pipe, it seals to contain the spill.

Use Petro-Pipes in concrete, bermed areas or liners. They are available with or without ball valves and in your choice of male or female fittings. A specialist from our team can help you customize them for your specific application.


We’ve created Petro-Plugs® to be compatible with standard 3- or 4-inch drain pipes for a disposable and cost-effective solution. Our unique mounting flange and twist-and-lock technology enable quick installation to contain lower concentrations of hydrocarbon while allowing water to pass.

Petro-Plugs are ideal for low-volume water management needs in warehouses, storage spaces, garages and boiler rooms. Use them to confidently control oil spills — they completely seal in more significant spill events, so you can enact your SPCC plan at the origin and save money on penalties and cleaning costs.


SPI’s Petro-Barrier serves high-volume water drainage needs with custom design and fabrication based on the characteristics of your specific application, such as containment area size and land slope. We craft solutions capable of draining over 100 gallons of water per minute while trapping any oil with three layers of patented filter material.

Once you’ve established a drainage path and constructed a containment area, our technicians install Petro-Barriers in the drainage sumps. Our corrugated HDPE pipes come with or without perforations to increase drainage potential, and they can extend as deep as 48 inches for direct discharge and high-performance sheen capture.

Petro-Barriers also come in prefabricated designs. They’re ideal for installation around oil storage tanks, electricity transformers and hydropower facilities.

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Trust SPI for Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures

Solidification Products International, Inc. is a veteran-owned business with over three decades of experience meeting SPCC needs with an extensive product lineup. Our team invests in continual innovation, technology and product improvements to raise the bar for oil spill containment products and water management solutions.

Find out how we can help improve your SPCC strategy by connecting with us online for more product information or design assistance.

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