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Additional examples of how SPI Designs and Fabricates Custom-Made Products to suit any-and-all unique drainage requirements.

A Custom-Made Petro-Barrier ™

Oil contaminated rainwater from a New York Heliport flowed from the landing strip to a Large Oval-Shaped Stormwater Drain that emptied untreated directly into the Hudson River. SPI designed, built and installed an Oval Shaped Petro-Barrier™ that reduced the oil concentration in the discharged rainwater to non-detectable levels. 

SPI Curtain Liner and Petro-Pipe® for Oil Spill Containment 

A power company transformer surrounded by a fence, was located in an area with dense, water-impenetrable red clay soil. SPI surrounded the perimeter outside the fence with a custom-made curtain liner. The SPI Curtain Liner Dimensions were 3 feet horizontally by 1 foot vertically with Petro-Pipe® Housings installed through the vertical portion of the liner. No oil contaminated water can escape the system into the environment.
A Curtain Liner with an SPI Petro-Pipe® Housing (gray pipe) installed through the vertical wall. 
Interior view of the Petro-Pipe* in its housing with a 4" female adaptor on the outside for connection to the main drain line. A Pre-Filter Basket will be attached to the interior of the liner to prevent dirt and debris from reaching the Petro-Pipe®.
The Petro-Pipe® connected to the drainage pipe. Crushed stone has been added inside the containment area. 
The last load of crushed stone is being added to complete the containment drainage system. 

Electrical Transformer Oil Containment
SPI Containment Liner and Petro-Barrier™ Plug installed in Arizona for Transformer Oil Containment

Custom Petro-Barrier Installation

SPI removes Oil Stop Valves at several locations in the Philadelphia area for PECO. The valves were non functioning and never maintained. These were installed over ten years ago and SPI technology was used to replace the non working valves. SPI cut out and removed the valves making way for the installation of the Petro-Barrier.

The existing drain vaults are then modified with angle iron supports and fiberglass grating as the support for the Petro-Barrier. Each Petro-Barrier is installed on-site with the medias for sheen removal and total oil spill containment. The Petro-Barriers are compressed into a filter cake (solid mass) and then they are topped with dirt and debris filters to keep the dirt out of the SPI media.
The Petro-Barriers have been installed for three years at which point PECO contracyed SPI to perform a maintenance check and replace filters if required. There is a lot of accumulated dirt under the grate although the Petro-Barrier is still flowing without problems. Due to a lot of accumulated dirt and debris, the filter matting was replaced and the Petro-Barriers are still working protecting from oil sheen or a full scale oil spill.

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